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The bulk of her initial grooming experience came from her work at Bal-Coeur Animal Hospital. After years of grooming she feels the key to success is a lot of coffee and Red Bull. Any gratuities accepted and appreciated. Julie, Veterinary Assistant. Julie may be a familiar face, having worked at My Best Friend from to as a veterinary assistant.

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She left for California in , had a daughter, and had a lot of great experiences both in life and in the veterinary field, but ultimately came back to the Midwest and rejoined us in January of Her other passions are animal rescue and rehabilitation, and hiking or anything outdoors. Ashley, Veterinary Technician.

Ashley joined the My Best Friend family, as of May of Having had a desire to work with and care for animals since she was a child, she completed her schooling at the Vet Tech Institute at Hickey College in Ashley has not stopped loving her animal care job ever since! Ashley also loves music, including oldies by artists that Dr Bill at least recognizes, like Pat Benatar and Tom Petty. Megan, Veterinary Assistant. Money Deals. The Independent Books. Voucher Codes. Just Eat. National Trust.

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Best celebrity cameos in Friends Show all Brad Pitt played Will Colbert, the boy Rachel used to bully at school we know, how could she? The pair were still married in real life at the time. Robin Williams and Billy Crystal played best friends who crashed the iconic orange couch in Friends coffee shop Central Perk awkward. Williams' character began stressing over his suspicions that his wife was cheating on him, while the bemused group of friends listened in.

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He had a tendency to cry but put on flute and puppet shows for Emma. Ross' son Ben had chicken pox and the couple, who had never had the virus, ended up falling ill. Needless to say, Ryan didn't show up again.

He broke down in tears after the friends were initially unimpressed, bu then Phoebe told him to give it his all No, we weren't quite convinced by that one either Let's just say it's a good job he said the wrong name at the wedding. Bruce Willis starred as the father of Ross' girlfriend Elizabeth. He did not like Ross. In fact, he really, really didn't like Ross. But he did like Rachel.

So that was all a bit awkward. Brooke Shields made one of the early cameo appearances as Joey's crazy stalker Erica. Then there was some hand licking He drove everyone mad with his incessant OTT compliments and Phoebe demanded he 'be much less happy'.


Sean Penn played the fiance of Phoebe's twin sister Ursula. But when Phoebe met her brother-in-law to be she found out that Ursula had lied to him about, well, pretty much everything. The Gellers hadn't seen her in years and her utter gorgeousness caused Ross to overstep the mark. To be fair, we don't blame him. Don't believe that Julia Roberts would ever date Chandler? That's because her character Susie 'Underpants' Moss was out for revenge after Chandler pulled up her skirt at school.

He ended up wearing nothing but her knickers in a restaurant toilet.

As Phoebe and Monica's old roommate Amanda, Jennifer Coolidge was a bit of a handful ok, that's an understatement. And then she went and told Monica that Phoebe had once attempted to 'cut her out'. Our foster program allows us to rescue more animals, and it also gives us the opportunity to better socialize and learn about the pets in our care before they go up for adoption.

Our pets need fostering for as little as weeks or as long as several months. PAWS Atlanta provides the medical care, food, and supplies. You provide the love and shelter! We appreciate you helping us save more pets! Get a pet checkup for a great price at our pet wellness clinic.

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