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Tuesday at 42 Walnut St. A report of a gunshot at p. Monday at Curwin Circle; at p.

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Monday at Curwin Circle; at a. Tuesday at 88 Curwin Circle. A report of an overdose at a. Tuesday on Washington Street. A report of a larceny at p. Monday at 33 Hood St. Monday at 15 Norcross Terrace; at p. Tuesday at 3 Michigan Ave. A report of motor vehicle theft at a. Tuesday at 70 Herschel St. Tuesday at 10 Lincoln St. A report of motor vehicle vandalism at p. Monday at Curwin Circle.

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Motor vehicle crash reported with no injuries on Monday at p. Officer reported very minor damage and assisted with paperwork. Interior motion burglar alarm sounded at Lowell St. Call canceled. Officer reports the building appears secure. Front door burglar alarm sounded at 10 Tedford Lane on Tuesday at a. Officer reports all appears to be in order. Officer reports motor vehicle was running with the air conditioning on, and the dog was fine and the owner was there.

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Disabled auto reported on Monday at p. Officer reports operator is making arrangements to have the vehicle towed. Sparks from wires reported on Monday at p. The Lynnfield Fire Department reports nothing found. Ambulance requested at 39 Green St.

Patient taken to Union Hospital. Medical aid requested at King Rail Drive, Apt. Patient taken to Beverly Hospital. A caller reported a minor motor vehicle crash on Lighthouse Lane at p.

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A caller reported an erratic operator attempting to pass over the double lines at Atlantic Avenue and Lucia Road and almost struck a vehicle head on at a. Responding officers were unable to locate. A caller reported a delivery truck was running for hours on Washington Street at a.

She stated the fumes were bothering her.

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Responding officers reported it was an idling refrigeration truck. A walk-in reported at a. Responding officers reported it was a lunch box with empty tupperware inside. A caller reported a person was yelling on the Girdler Road bike path at a. Responding officers found a male down with a suspected ankle fracture. Michael T. Durant, 43, of 11 Kosciusko St. Edward A.

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Kozwich, 73, of Lowell St. Steven N. Cunha, 31, homeless, was arrested on a warrant on Monday at a. Timothy Griffen, 57, of 10 Bowditch Ave. Vehicle released to a licensed operator. Jose Ayrton Dealmeida, 33, of 19 Abington Ave. Frank R. Walton, 30, of 4 Mill St. He is charged with shoplifting.

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Officer assisted with paperwork exchange. Two-car crash reported at Lowell St. Officer reports one vehicle towed. Multiple-vehicle crash reported at 10 Centennial Drive on Saturday at p. Officer reports one passenger taken to Salem Hospital and one vehicle towed by Arrington Towing. Motor vehicle crash reported on Route South on Monday at a. Massachusetts State Police on scene. Caller reported she was chased by a dog while out walking on Gwinnett Road on Saturday at a. Officer reports the dog was returned to his home at 3 Gwinnett Road. Report of a barking dog on Oak Avenue on Saturday at a.

Officer checked the area and all is quiet. Caller reported an opossum stuck in a trap at 20 Ethel Ave. Officers freed the animal. Caller from 1 Mansfield St.

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  4. Officers checked the house and referred calls to the animal control officer. Report of a road rage incident at Speedway at Lowell St.