Guide Single-molecule Studies of Proteins: 2 (Biophysics for the Life Sciences)

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FranceBioimaging Advanced Training. Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. The Microscopy Congress London, UK. Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Stellenbosch, South Africa. Santiago del Estero, Argentina. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Biophysics: measuring and modelling biology - course in advanced signal processing methods. Soft interfacial materials: from fundamentals to formulation - Royal Society Discussion Meeting. London, United Kingdom. Stockholm, Sweden. Bochum, Germany. EMBO Meeting. Birmingham, UK. Swansea, UK. Diffusion Fundamentals VI conference.

Biophysics | JILA - Exploring the Frontiers of Physics

Dresden, Germany. Computational Chemical Biology conference. Cairns, Australia. The 29th Annual Symposium of the Protein Society.

Comprehensive Biophysics

Serpiano, Switzerland. Computational Dynamic Analysis of Biological Processes conference. Lipari Island, Italy. Spectroscopies in Biology workshop. Radeburg, Germany. Edinburgh, UK. Heidelberg, Germany. Application deadline: 15 March Groningen, the Netherlands. Florence, Italy. Biomembranes: Molecular Architecture, Dynamics and Function advanced lecture course. Granada, Spain.

Biomolecules and Nanostructures 5 Conference. Jaroszowice, Poland. Geilo, Norway. Spring School in Computational Chemistry. Helsinki, Finald. Minischool on Biophysics of Protein Interactions.

Juelich, Germany. Breckenridge, Colorado, USA. Biophysical Society 59th Annual Meeting. Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Strasbourg, France. Munich, Germany. Biophysical techniques to understand life at different scales. Modern Biophysical Techniques for the Life Sciences.

Szeged, Hungary. Ultrafast Processes in Photosynthesis. Venice meeting on Fluctuations in small complex systems II. Graz, Austria.

Editors for Structural Biology and Molecular Biophysics

Cell Physics Symposium on Theoretical and Computational Modeling of Biomembranes. Rhodes, Greece. Lausanne, Switzerland. Single biomolecules - in silico, in vitro and in vivo conference. Hertfordshire, UK. Le Grande Motte, France. Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium. Summer School "Soft-Inter ". Summer school on soft interactions in biological and biomimetic self-assemblies. Saint-Malo, France. Marseilles, France. CECAM workshop - Understanding the interaction of nano-sized synthetic materials with biological membranes.

Leuven, Belgium.

Molecular Biophysics

Trento, Italy. Liposome Research Days - Living Innovation. Copenhagen, Denmark. Brisbane, Australia. Noosa, Australia. Lisbon, Portugal.

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The Self-Organised Cytoplasm. Warwick, United Kingdom. Summer school in Integrated Structural Biology. Gif-sur-Yvette, France. Tampere, Finland. Brasov, Romania. Summer school - Bacterial biofilms: biological, mathematical and physical perspectives. Le Saint-Paul, Nice. Fara San Martino, Italy. Nashville, Tennessee. The Physics of Soft and Biological Matter. Cambridge, UK. Workshop on Computer Simulation and Theory of Macromolecules. Kloster Huenfeld, Germany. Espoo, Finland. Nordic Proteomics Conference Turku, Finland. Annual Linz Winter Workshop. Linz, Austria. Nanomechanics in biomolecular adhesion.

The protein folding problem: a major conundrum of science: Ken Dill at TEDxSBU

Sterzing, Vipiteno, Italy. Physics Meets Biology at the Cell Membrane.

Researchers in Biophysics

The Iberian Membrane Biophysics Colloquium. San Sebastian, Spain. Dubrovnik, Croatia. Role of MDR proteins in pharmacokinetics and toxicology. Ryn, Poland.