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What if the guys were gross? Could it get out of hand?

How would I feel the next day? Also, I wouldn't have a clue how'd you would organise one! On the same Facebook page, I chatted with a woman, who was a veteran of half a dozen gangbangs. She's 28, lives in Melbourne and works in aged care. Through that, I became involved in some mixed group play and discovered that I was a natural exhibitionist. Then I met a guy who approached me about participating in a gangbang.

I agreed, because I liked the idea of the entire focus being on me. The first guys I had sex with, get together every three months, or so. We met for drinks first, which gave me the option of opting out. However, I felt comfortable with them. They were a relatively attractive group of six guys aged in their 30s and early 40s.

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We all went back to the apartment and the fun continued. They were all respectful; I'd even go as far as to say I got treated reverentially. I felt like a naughty goddess. I had multiple orgasms because when one guy finishes, there is the next one there waiting. How so? Fantasy author Carrie Vaughn says that historical angle is what first attracted her to the show. All of these characters could be in a Jane Austen story, except the mood would be very, very different. Different is right. Taboo is certainly a flawed show.

Character motivations can be dubious or nonexistent, many of the plot arcs go nowhere, and the way the show consistently links creepy magic with people of color is uncomfortable. But Taboo also has amazing performances, visual flair, and a unique take on a fascinating historical period. Listen to our complete interview with Carrie Vaughn, Sam J.

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Is that right? That's part of it. Plus, I just wanted to give her something different for her birthday, something unique, something that's certain to get her attention and something that she'll definitely enjoy again and again. I think this is something unique enough, and it also sends her a message. Does what you're wearing send a message? She just enjoys unbuttoning my shirts and blouses and slowly revealing me, and I love it when she does it. Right between my legs. Like I said before, I've never done any bondage photography before. This definitely isn't going to be on par with some of the professionally-done images I've seen online, but this will probably give me a few things to think about as I continue in my photography career.

Who knows Maybe this will be the catalyst to get me into a new area of photography. They were all black, with Velcro closures and a fake fur lining for comfort. At first, I was a little surprised that two of the cuffs were slightly larger than the others, but then I realized that the larger cuffs were apparently meant for the ankles and the smaller cuffs were meant for the wrists.

The tethers were fairly long, giving me plenty of opportunity to provide my sister with adequate slack while still being able to tie the tethers securely. And then there was the whip itself. I had also seen several whips in my online review of BDSM photography. The black whip she had selected had a relatively short handle, and maybe ten or so thin leather strips at the "business" end.

I gave it a few test swings, impressed by the sound those leather strips made as they flowed through the air.

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I don't think so. I guess you're right. I remember watching my sister crawling to the center of the bed and positioning herself with her arms and her legs spread toward the bedposts. I remember languidly moving around the bed and applying each cuff, being careful to ensure the proper closure of the Velcro straps, then taking a very long time to tie each tether at multiple points along each bedpost.

I definitely remember standing at the foot of the bed, admiring my handiwork, and particularly taking note of how my little sister's breasts seemed to rise and fall with her breathing as she tentatively tugged at her restraints, testing her bondage and discovering that I had given her very little slack. And in that moment, as I saw my own sister bound to my bed, I recognized why so many guys seem to find a bound woman so irresistible: She was powerless to stop me from having my way with her if I decided to do it.

I could tear open my sister's thin sleepwear, take a moment to undress myself, and fuck her. If she did not want to have sex with me, she could not stop me from raping her. She was completely vulnerable, entirely at my mercy, with her trust in me as the only means of protecting herself. I also recognized what she meant when she had said that she did not trust anyone else with this photo shoot. Even beyond the fact that she and I are siblings and should therefore never see each other in such kinky situations, she knew that I would not commit the ultimate taboo, nor would I endanger her relationship with her girlfriend.

The professional within me took over again, causing me to pick up the whip. Her hazel eyes were riveted on the whip, and part of me wanted to quickly flick it to strike her somewhere, probably her lower leg given where I was standing, but I knew it was best to not do it, to allow her girlfriend the honor of being the first person to whip my sister. Not surprisingly, while doing my research on bondage images, I had seen some video clips of women being whipped.

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Some of the whipping had been relatively light and sensual, with the women clearly enjoying the experience, trying to lean more into the path of the whip to maximize its impacts and moaning seductively as the whip kept moving back and forth across their bodies. But much of the whipping I saw in those video clips was harsh, severe, turning the women various shades of red and even raising some nasty-looking lines of welts when a bullwhip was used to make the women scream and struggle and in one case even cry.

I looked at the whip in my hand, trying to imagine it, or anything else, being used to hurt my little sister. Part of me wanted to know how she would react, to both a fierce whipping and a much lighter, more sensual whipping. I had to wonder: What would it be like to strip my own sister and then use the whip on her?

And that was when I became consciously aware of the bulge forming at the front of my jeans. With a shake of my head, I tried to slip back into my professional persona. Moving to the side of the bed, I sat beside Staci.