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Interacting with most computers shows text that says "Don't have time to play with myself" in reference to Duke Nukem 3D. Picking up the standard shotgun in E1M1 triggers "Groovy" to appear on screen, in reference to Ash Williams. This line is first said in Evil Dead 2, and became something of a catchphrase for the character.

Thanks FingerRocks for pointing this out! In E1M1, there's a chainsaw in a counter. In E1M7, in the Red Key house, there's a well with a lotion and upon interacting with it text shows saying "no hose for me! People might recognize the painting from the Tim Burton Batman Film from the scene where the joker destroys the art gallery. There is a crosshair of the cool S, this is is the default cross hair on the cigar press 0 to equip it.

In the settings, the cool S crosshair is at number The Cool S is best known for being doodled on elementary school students notebooks. I wonder if kids still do that nowadays. In "The Escher Labs", a PA system delivers several announcements over the course of your time in the labs.

Among the announcements are: first vox: "attention: unidentified personel in the escher labs" 2nd vox: "Dr. Memes: report to executive Oshry's office immediately" 3rd vox: "Attention: Lab Technichan Hulshult, please return the sonic prober. Freeman to the third floor. The pistol was originally called a Makarov and the twin pistols were going to be called Gun Katas. The Gun Katas being a reference to the film Equilibrium.

The hunting rifle is relatively the same as the final version The Super Shotgun was also different. Before it's final design to resemble the version from DOOM 2, the super shotgun was going to be a pump action double barrel shotgun inspired from Chasm: The Rift. The assault rifle looked more like an M16 There was going to be a chainsaw that was cut from the game Another Cut weapon is the Buzzsaw, also inspired by Chasm: The Rift. It was going to be a weapon best used for close range that ricocheted all over the place.

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The model would be reused for the little buzzsaw props you'd see in the same to throw at enemies. The Riveter had a different look to it. A good amount of it's old look was used into the version we're all familiar with. Another cut weapon was called the totem, the considered plasma rifle of the game. Its projectiles would also ricochet around the place, deal low damage and slowly ammo over time. Not that I know of for the time being, only other pictures for the guide.

Download e-book The Know It All Guide to Movie Trivia

Carnzoid 23 Sep am. The drinking and getting intoxicated is inspired from Redneck Rampage, that one is obvious though. I also felt the music from E1M3 was very reminiscent of the Unreal 1 soundtrack. Hobo St. Big John is obviously inspired by that one scene in the original Predator where Arnold is trying to trick it into stumbling into his primitive low tech spike trap.

SeekerAC 17 Jan am.

In E1M7, one of the paintings in the house is of a housecat. If you interact with it, the text "A demonic creature" pops up. Is this the dev's cat? Spechtosator 27 Dec, am. Thanks for they great work, guys!

The 2nd level of Thief takes place in mines, where a prison is located and where you have to rescue a man named Cutty. So I think it's safe to say that E1M6 "Cutty Mine" that also takes place in a very similar looking mine is a reference to that level in Thief. Saladofstones 16 Dec, pm. I don't know if its listed, but if you take a piece of viscera and put it over a fire, it becomes cooked and is worth 25 hp. Thanks FingerRocks. Can't believe I missed that, huge ED fan.

Evil Dead, not erectile dysfunction. This clarification probably didn't need to happen. FingerRocks 13 Dec, am.


Gonna go through and clean this up some when I get the chance, busy with finals right now. It was humongous, so there was no choice but to find a hat to cover it — because there was no lighting or makeup that was going to cover it. Love Actually scriptwriter Emma Freud answered fan questions on Twitter and it took our heartbreak to the next level. Olivia Olson, the girl who played the crazy-talented Joanna, got record deal offers after the movie.


I might have been a has-been by now instead of still trying to build up my career. My signature move? His thumb on her lip before they snog.

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Director Richard Curtis told Elle that he intended to cast a mix of well-known and up-and-coming actors. It worked — kind of. As for Keira Knightley? We know.

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Which of these ideas are romantic and which are off-putting? Then I had the idea of the Bob Dylan signs … the scene was selected by group research. Specifically his facial hair. We just had to walk him past the photograph.

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His daughter is also in the play!