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Games Workshop games: In Warhammer , Warhammer: Age of Sigmar , and Warhammer 40, , Bloodthirsters of Unfettered Fury carry whips, but they mainly use them to drive lesser daemons into frenzy or to hit enemies trying to stay out of their melee range in close combat they rather use enormous daemon-axes. Dark Elf beastmasters in Warhammer have barbed whips used for goading War Hydras and other beats.

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Designed to inflict pain or large thick-skinned monsters, they are also quite deadly against humanoid enemies although their damage isn't particularly high, they're armour-piercing weapons. Dark Elf characters can equip a magic weapon that is a slightly more powerful version of these whips. Mordheim : The Sisters of Sigmar have steel whips as a unique weapon available to members of the warband. Made from lengths of barbed chain, these whips are impossible to parry and tie into the Warband's fanatically religious visual theme with images of chastisement and flagellation.

He was hiding.! []Roblox Trolling on SpellSwords[]

Regular whips were introduced in the Mordheim Annual Warhammer 40, : The Adepta Sororits Mistresses of Repentance wield a pair of neural whips that deliver a psycho-shock to the target, damaging their nervous system. How these weapons work in the game varies depending on the edition with most versions making neural whip more powerful the lower the target's Leadership characteristic.

Visually, the whips also add to the flagellation theme of the Sisters Repentia units that the lead. The Adeptus Ministorum , have Arco-Flagellants, brainwashed and tortured heretics who have electrified whips implanted directly into their bodies and stimulant injectors to turn them into berzerkers on demand. The Drukhari faction of Aeldari have several different whip-like weapons. The most common one is the Agoniser, which causes the victim's nervous system to go haywire, burning out their nerves and inflicting horrible pain.

Then there's the Electrocorrosive Whip, an electrified whip designed to cause debilitating pain and sap the victim's strength. Drukhari Wytches sometimes use Razorflails which are Whip Swords that can switch between sword- and whip-forms at the user's will. Besides these exotic weapons, Drukhari Beastmasters often use regular bullwhips to goad their beasts into battle. Chaos Lords of Slaanesh often wield daemon weapons in the form of whips. The Slaaneshi psychic power called the Lash of Submission, which creates an immaterial whip that places the target under the control of the user.

Some Tyranid creatures have Lash Whips that, like most other Tyranid weapons, are in fact separate organisms that can wrap themselves around enemies in combat. The 3rd Edition of Necromunda introduced shock whips, long, coiling weapons are popular amongst the more experienced members of House Escher. When fully energised a shock whip resembles a handheld bolt of lightning that can incapacitate enemy fighters with the slightest tough.

Satyxis Raiders of Cryx and Bloodrunner master tormentors of the Skorne in the Iron Kingdoms setting use bladed whips. Ebooks and Manuals

The villainous version of Cinderella in the D20 game Grimm is more than a little Ax-Crazy and has an aversion to being touched due to her years of abuse she married Humpty Dumpty because he didn't want to Now she uses a thorned scourge to torture her sisters and anyone else who bugs her. In Shadowrun , the most effective melee weapon is the monofilament whip, which delivers a terrific amount of damage at long range and is quite concealable.

It's effectively a strand of molecular-width wire with a weight on the end to allow it to be used as a whip. Like much of Shadowrun 's world, it's ripped from the works of William Gibson. Right up until you roll a fumble and whip off your own face. Many characters, both in the in-game flavor text and the novels, remark that using a monowhip in combat is very scary, but also insane. Monofilament whips do moderate damage, go through armor like it's barely there and are liable to slice your head off. Video Games. No whip in videogame history is as well known and respected as a weapon as the Vampire Killer.

Brought to the pinnacle of video game perfection in Super Castlevania IV. Simon can whip in any of the eight directions and can control his whip when brandishing it about as realistically as you could in real life. Parodied in Robot Chicken , where two werewolves mock Simon Belmont for using a whip. He then starts whipping them. While not fatal, it is damn painful, so they take him to Dracula. Dracula similarly mocks him, and receives the same punishment. The werewolves, looking on, wonder "what kind of a sadist uses a whip?

See it here. For the sake of extra info: The Vampire Killer is generally at its weakest as a normal whip, though the 3D games are exceptions. In the 2D titles, the whip has two power-up stages, both of them chain-based whips with different lengths, and a mace on the end, which makes the whip a far more effective weapon.

The Spellswords Saga: Akmalla: Akmalla

It also helps that it was created through alchemy to be deadly against the forces of darkness - it's called the Vampire Killer for a reason. As well, the Belmonts can also set the thing on fire and Bloodlines includes the ability to turn it into a lightning whip. Bloody awesome. Chances are a spoon would have miraculous vampire-killing properties if Sara was in it.

There doesn't seem to be anything supernatural about it, though. In Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 , Dracula himself uses a whip made out of blood. Considering who he was before becoming a vampire, though Subverted in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow trilogy , with the legendary Vampire Killer being a variable length spike chain instead. Her weapon is a broken chain which she uses as a whip. Battle Arena Toshinden : According to her character profile, Sofia is Russian dominatrix which explains the outfit she's wearing and uses a whip as part of her profession, as well as in the ring.

Bloodborne : One of the starter trick weapons , the Threaded Cane, is a silver, bladed cane than can be wielded like a shortsword, and when it transforms, it segments into a deadly-sharp whip. Untransformed, it's a huge cleaver. Double Dragon : Gamers who grew up in arcades in the 80's will remember Linda as the whip totting mooks from that series.

If you disarmed them, they would try to recover their weapon since they were the only enemy that couldn't fight unarmed. Nor could they use any of the game's other weapons. Final Fantasy IV 's Rydia wields a whip, but she's not otherwise sultry or vamp-ish. Her use of the whip is probably related to her ability to summon and command magical beasts.

the spellswords saga akmalla Manual

It's a crappy weapon, and generally the worst offensive option for her in any fight. Then again, given that she's the party's Black Magician Girl on top of being a Summoner means that "Fight" is usually the last command you should be selecting in the first place, unless you're the kind of player that doesn't use Ethers. Whips have the capability of paralyzing enemies, but still And then, in The Very Definitely Final Dungeon , the Blue Dragon enemy has a chance of dropping the Dragon Whisker , a whip with an attack of , the chance to cause paralysis, and deals extra damage against dragon-type enemies.

This allows Rydia to effectively deal with a good chunk of enemies in the final dungeon, as she deals as much if not more pain than Cecil or Kain. She can still equip ninja swords, but she generally ends up with either of the latter 2 since none of the other ninjas can equip either of those.

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  • There's also a set of Queen equipment that includes a whip which can turn enemies it hits into pigs, aptly enough , it being the only whip that a Red Mage and a rebellious kung fu princess can use and former of which is involved in a whip-based Combination Attack with the above-mentioned ninja, an female assistant to a handsome but somewhat weak king and a Stripperiffic summoner, aptly called Call Me Queen. In the advance port one of them even comes with a Shout-Out to the titular song. The resulting weapon functions somewhat like a fishing rod.

    Whips are an invaluable weapon type in Dragon Quest games, having the ability to hit groups of enemies. Usually the strongest whips in the game are capable of hitting all enemies. It's arguably her best weapon choice, especially once she learns the deadly Twin Dragon Lash. Although slowly getting bested by the likes of the God Swords, and other high-leveled weapons, the Abyssal Whip is still an amazing weapon. It now comes in several colours.

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    Super Smash Bros. Brawl can change her gun into a laser one. Tabuu has one of his own, too; being captured by it often leads to instant death. Ivy Valentine from the Soul Series has a segmented blade that she uses like a whip, with full dominatrix implications in some of her attacks and victory animations, AND a wonderfully Stripperiffic outfit. A direct manifestation of this trope.

    Zero's Chain Rod in Mega Man Zero 2 is a powered whip, capable of grabbing walls and ceilings, yanking enemies' shields off, and draining their energy. Rospark from Mega Man ZX Advent has a pair of whip-like vines used both as weapons and as means of locomotion. Thanks to the wonders of A-Trans, the protagonist gets them as well In a martial arts tournament. True to this trope, it's the female form that can use a flaming whip. This whip-based game probably never saw the light of day, but it sounded cool. The designer apparently did okay for himself, as he's credited on some well-known games.

    In Suikoden , a few characters use whips. Many of them are animal trainers, but one of the deadliest examples is Lucia, a Proud Warrior Race Woman.

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    In the second game, she uses it as a tool of bloody vengeance, doing hundreds of points of damage per turn. In the third game, she returns as the main character's mother. Both times, she's definitely not The Vamp , despite her weapon choice. While not an actual weapon in game, Vaida from the seventh Fire Emblem is shown with a whip in her official artwork. However, enchanted whips are used to promote pegasus knights and wyvern riders.

    Lemeza Kosugi uses a whip as his starting weapon in La-Mulana.

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    • This is due to the character's basis on Indiana Jones , and the gameplay's basis in Castlevania. There are two hidden, tricky ways to upgrade the whip to a mace-like weapon, and there is a way to further power it up that involves finding a Castlevania ROM. In Phantasy Star Universe , specifically in the Ambition of the Illuminus expansion, whips are a class of weapon available to a minority of classes, those being the primary magic-user and the remaining two, hybrid magic-users.

      Popular for their ability to inflict Standard Status Effects with every hit. Since classes are independent of gender or race, anyone can Whip It Good in this game. In Freedom Wars , the Thorn Whip is a standard piece of equipment for Sinners, functioning as a grappling hook for quick movement around the battlefield and dragging large robotic Abductors to the ground.

      Different Thorns also have properties allowing them to temporarily paralyze Abductors, heal teammates, or erect barriers. In Ragnarok Online , the all-female Dancer class have whips among their weapons. They use them to throw arrows.